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About Integrative Health & Wellness Center

Since we opened our practice in 2019, we’ve been helping patients in our beautiful community experience optimal health and wellness. Dr. Tom Ladanyi has been practicing in this area for over 20 years. He relocated back to Zephyrhills because he loves our vibrant, growing city and he saw that there was a need for a new chiropractor.

Dr. Kelsey Whitaker graduated from chiropractic college in 2019 and was delighted to join the practice as Zephyrhills is her hometown so she has many established connections from growing up in the area.

Getting to the Root

We thoroughly examine patients to identify the root cause of pain and create a treatment plan that addresses and corrects the source of the issue. This leads to not only a quicker improvement in pain but also a longer-lasting change in how your body operates.

Providing Integrative Care

At our office, we take an integrative approach; rather than just focusing on the musculoskeletal system, we address the whole body through the chiropractic adjustment. We won’t just adjust your back and send you on your way.

Delivering Customized Care

As no two patients are exactly alike neither are the adjustments we provide. We tailor care to each person—their goals, needs and time schedules. You can be confident knowing that we won’t have you sign up for extended treatment plans. After we’ve corrected the problem, we’ll recommend that you come in for monthly maintenance care to make sure everything’s moving as it should.

What Our Patients Say

It’s an honor to read the many positive reviews that patients leave on Google. Almost every person will say that our chiropractors took the time to listen to them. Patients also express their thanks that we spent time with them and addressed their key complaints.

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