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Pediatric Chiropractic in Zephyrhills

Many people wonder why their child would need to get adjusted. They don’t have back pain, right? It’s important to recognize that the birth process can be traumatic, whether you had a normal vaginal delivery or a C-section. That trauma is due to some degree of pulling on the baby’s head to get them out properly.

The head needs to form correctly but some children have slight disfigurements on their head or flat spots. Dr. Kelsey Whitaker uses gentle cranial work to help restore a baby’s features to normal. If not addressed, infants could end up having to get a helmet. That’s why we recommend bringing your baby in as soon as possible after you give birth.

Adjusting a newborn also can remove interference in their nervous system so they can grow properly and hit all of those developmental milestones.

Here are some of the common issues that chiropractic care can address:

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Bedwetting

  • Colic
  • Digestive issues
  • Ear infections

  • Latching difficulties
  • Neck pain from devices
  • Sleep problems

‘But Aren’t These Conditions Normal?’

Parents may hear from their child’s pediatrician that issues such as colic, ear infections or constipation are normal, but that’s not the case.

Let’s look at constipation. There’s either something going on with the GI—something that’s not moving. Dr. Whitaker can provide some gentle massage and show parents how to do that at home to help their baby have normal bowel movements.

Colic is another issue that’s considered normal but it’s not. It can be fixed. Most babies have issues in their upper cervical due to being pulled out at birth that can manifest as colic. A gentle adjustment can resolve this condition.

Ear infections are another issue we see frequently; again these aren’t normal. We can provide gentle adjustments that can help your child avoid being on antibiotics.

When should I bring my baby in for care?

The sooner we intervene and discuss the importance of holistic care, the less likely your little one will get sick. “I always tell people it’s much easier to keep a baby healthy rather than to make a sick kid healthy,” said Dr. Whitaker.
How do you adjust infants and kids?

Gently! For example, when adjusting a newborn we use about the same amount of pressure that’s applied to check a tomato for ripeness. When kids get a little older and they hear a sound while getting adjusted we tell them they have popcorn in there and that’s what makes the noises coming out!
How can chiropractic help with ADHD or autism?

For young school-aged children who are having difficulties concentrating we can teach them how to use the left and right brain at the same time to improve focus. We also can educate parents on the problem with the Standard American Diet and the type of nutrient-dense foods that allow a child to be healthy. If your child can benefit from an allergy test due to a GI issue we can make that recommendation.

With autistic and ADHD kids, in particular, they usually have GI problems occurring. Even if a child has autism we can help lessen that burden or that expression of that disease on that child, and allow them to get some functionality back to their lives that they might not have gotten if they didn’t get care.

Help Your Child Naturally

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